Warm up

The standard warm up, which normally includes a couple of minutes of stretching and a few rallies is not enough.  An effective warm up starts off the court combining activities that will not only get the body ready to perform but will help the players improve their athleticism.  It will then progress to an on-court warm up in which players will slowly hone their rhythm and technique and at the same time get mentally ready to perform.

Finally, a fun mini tennis game can serve as a great transition to the start of the main section of the training session. In this section you will find clear examples of warm up activities that will help maximize a player’s on court performance.

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Ping Pong Rally


The game is played within the two service boxes (not including the tramlines). One player brings the ball into play by hitting a shot that bounces on his or her own side first before crossing the net. This post is only available to membe...


This is a dynamic exercise that stretches and warms up the whole body.  The player steps forward into a lunge and lowerd the upper body as much as possible.  Then she shifts her weight back streightening the front leg only to get back ...

Drop Shot Game


Players play a game hitting drop shots in the alley. The players have to try to hit the ball over the net as close as possible to the net, always landing in the alley. The players have to run and touch the middle service line after each ...

Place and Pick up


Players play mini tennis in the service boxes. They have to hit the ball with slice and are not allowed to hit the ball hard. In addition, each player starts with a ball in the non-dominant hand. After each hit each player will either pl...

Inverted V Run

The player assumes the downward dog position with both feet and hands on the ground.  Legs and arms are straight.This post is only available to members. Please register or log in.

If you are already logged in and you have an existing P...

Rope Jumping Doubles

Players jump rope with both legs together and high enough to let the rope pass twice under their feet for each jump.   Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination and rhythm and could also help the aerobic/anaerobic cap...

Triceps Warm up with Resistance

This exercise helps activate the triceps with the use of a theraband. The player adopts a stable position and pulls a thereband by stretching his/her arms. The elbow should remain still and stable througout the exercise.This post is onl...

Butt Kicks

By kicking the heels up to the gluts, one engages the hamstrings and stretches the quads. The upper body remains erect and slightly forward. The contact with the ground is light and on the tips of the feet. Load: Do this exercise from do...

Rhythm – Rope Jumping Right Left

Players jump rope alternating legs.   Training goal: This drill is designed to work on coordination and rhythm and could also help the aerobic capacity depending on how long the players jump. Load and Reps:  This exercise should be part...

Hip Rotation with Ankle Work

The arms are hanging relaxed. The hips move left and right. The knees bend slightly every time. The impulse comes from the ankle and foot. In the video one can see big differences in coordination ability. Just moving the hips without mov...

Deep Lunge with Active Stretching

Stretching the glutes an upper legs while lunging. The knie of the back leg is close to the ground. The front leg is deeply bent. This position demands core strength, upper body stability and balance. In addition, the position allows for...

Partner-game: Touch the Toes

The players put their hands on their shoulders and try to step lightly on their partners’ toes. (The emphasis is on lightly. The safety of the partner is paramount.) This is a fun and dynamic warm up that works the eyes, brain and legs c...


The players move sideways using lateral steps. The steps are quite wide as the speed increases. In order to do this successfully the players have to maintain a stable core. The upper body and the hips should remain still. The players wor...

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