Singles Tactical Principles

The difference between advanced players and the rest is not only the ability to hit the ball better but more importantly their understanding of the different situations they encounter in a match.  Advanced players immediately recognize if they are in an offensive, a building or a defensive position and have the ability to automatically choose the appropriate response.

In this section you will find clear examples of common situations and advice on how best to handle them.  This information provides you with a valuable tactical summary of the game of singles - something your players will greatly appreciate.

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How to Cover the Net Better

By loading the video, you agree to Vimeo’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock Vimeo The middle of the court is not always the best place to stand to cover the passing shot. In general the best rule is to follow your shot...

Returning Against a Serve and Volleyer

By loading the video, you agree to Vimeo’s privacy policy.Learn more Load video Always unblock Vimeo Aim to the middle of the court and low to return a first serve when the opponent is serving and volleying. On second serves, try to stre...

The Right Mentality on the First Serve

You have two serves in tennis so you have to make sure you take advantage of this. When you hit a first serve you have to approach the line with an aggressive mentality. You want to use the first serve to put the opponent on the defensiv...

Make at Least 50% of your First Serves

A first serve needs to be aggressive and fast but will not be very effective if it is not going in. To be really effective you need to make at least 50% of your first serves. Be aware of this and adjust accordingly while you play during ...

The Goal of the Second Serve

The goal of the second serve should be to start the point and prevent the opponent from taking control of the point. If the opponent can attack all your second serves, you will most likely lose the match. Starting the point at least ne...

Do not Forget the Body-serve

Normally trying to stretch the opponent when serving is very effective. However, sometimes the best option is to hit the serve right at the returner, preventing him/her to take a good swing at the ball.This post is only available to memb...