The groundstrokes provide the foundation for the game and every coach should strive to help their students develop a consistent forehand and backhand with which to attack and defend.  

This section is full of technical instruction and drills to help you improve this critical aspect of the game.

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Hitting an Offensive Lob


The most important aspect to hit an effective offensive lob is disguise. Ideally you need to be in an offensive position, fake a passing shot and change to a lob at the last second. Your goal is to hit the lob just above the opponent’s...

Blind Game


The singles player plays one ball to the net player and one to either side of him. The net player hits a controlled volley back to the baseline player. The player behind the net player plays a neutral shot back, careful not to hit the ne...

Keep your Eyes at Contact


An effective way to help you track the ball better is making sure that your head stays still until after you made contact with the ball. This exercise will help you understand this concept better.This post is only available to members. P...

Slice Approach Shot


Each player hits three shots:  A backhand cross court, a forehand down the line and a slice approach backhand down the line.This post is only available to members. Please register or log in.

If you are already logged in and you have an...

Blind Game


Two player on the baseline and one at the net line up.  The player without partner hits one groundstroke left of the net player, one at the net player and one right of the net player.This post is only available to members. Please regist...

1 – Backhand Slice on the Run


Points to 11 without serve The point starts with a running slice backhand. The slice player starts in the forehand corner. After the slice, the point is played out on the whole singles court. Scoring: Play to 11 without serve (10-10 the ...

The Shoulder Level Shot

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The shoulder level shot is used to attack a high ball from the opponent. The idea is to hit it hard and with little topspin. Technically, the player will prepare high, setting the racquet at the shoulder level. From there the racquet wil...

The Off the Bounce Shot

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Sometimes during a point you will be forced into a situation where you do not have time to back up and will have to take the ball right off the bounce. In these situations the most important thing is to shorten your backswing as much as ...

The Dipping Shot

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The dipping shot is hit with a great deal of topspin, low over the net and short. It is used for passing shots, angles, and approach shots. In order to hit a solid dipping shot you need to accelerate the racquet head with the forearm and...

Use Disguise on your Drop Shots

The secret to an effective drop shot is not necessarily hitting it just over the net. More importantly is driving the opponent back before hitting it. Therefore the player needs to disguise the drop shot, using it in an attacking situati...

A Common Mistake When Lobbing


A common mistake when lobbing is to look up too early therefore missing the sweet spot on the racquet head. A lob requires precision and a clean contact point. Keep your head still until the ball leaves your racquet!This post is only ava...

Keep the Head Still!

A common mistake on groundstrokes is to pull away from the shot as you swing. This always starts with the head. If the head moves, the body moves. This clip will explore the importance of the head when hitting your groundstrokes.This pos...

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