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In Kids on Court you will find progressive exercises to introduce and improve all important areas of the game, starting with the development of a broad athletic base and progressing to tennis specific activities that will help players develop seemlessly through the three important stages of the children's game: the red ball phase, the orange ball phase and the green ball phase.



Doubles players greatly outnumber singles players in tennis, so helping players to improve their doubles game is a valuable tool for any tennis coach.

Here you will find tactical advice, and drills to help players succeed in every situation they may encounter on the court, whether offensively or defensively. Our point-based drills force players to face different situations and practice them until they are able to react automatically with the correct response to every shot from the opponent.



In a resent study, tennis was found to increase the lifespan of avid players by around 10 years highlighting the health benefits of the game. The reality is that tennis taxes every important fitness component and that is why it has such a considerable impact on health. However, in the same way that playing tennis improves your fitness, boosting your fitness will also improve your game and, more importantly, keep you on-court longer.

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The standard warm up, which normally includes a couple of minutes of stretching and a few rallies is not enough. An effective warm up starts off the court combining activities that will not only get the body ready to perform but will help the players improve their athleticism. It will then progress to an on-court warm up in which players will slowly hone their rhythm and technique and at the same time get mentally ready to perform.

Finally, a fun mini tennis game can serve as a great transition to the start of the main section of the training session. In this section you will find clear examples of warm up activities that will help maximize a player’s on court performance.

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The difference between advanced players and the rest is not only the ability to hit the ball better but more importantly their understanding of the different situations they encounter in a match. Advanced players immediately recognize if they are in an offensive, a building or a defensive position and have the ability to automatically choose the appropriate response.

In this section you will find clear examples of common situations and advice on how best to handle them. This information provides you with a valuable tactical summary of the game of singles - something your players will greatly appreciate.



The groundstrokes provide the foundation for the game and every coach should strive to help their students develop a consistent forehand and backhand with which to attack and defend. This section is full of technical instruction and drills to help you improve this critical aspect of the game.


In this section you will find everything you need to understand, practice and improve these two shots, including technical and tactical advice, drills, methodology and plenty of examples from the pro tour to allow you to form a very clear picture of the ideal way to execute these key elements of the game.


Whether you are a singles player or a doubles player, feeling comfortable around the net will only make you better.  In this section you will find everything you need to help your players accomplish this.


The mental game plays a determinant role in competitive tennis. The only way to achieve consistent performances at the level you are capable of is by learning to control your thoughts, emotions and focus in such a way as to allow your body to play freely and automatically. In this section you will find a collection of tips, drills and advice to help your players become a better competitors.

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On-Court Movement and Footwork

Tennis is a game of Movement.  The better you move the better you play.  But footwork is much more than moving fast.  Footwork in tennis refers to the ability of the players to move efficiently on the court allowing them to hit more balls in balance and with optimal technique. It definitely includes the ability to run fast, and change directions quickly and powerfully but also the ability to optimally load the body to allow the players to accelerate the racquet head with ideal speed.In this section you will find drills and instruction to help your players optimize their ability to cover the court.

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